Dear Parents and Students,

The biggest event of the year is MDE’s “Live In Colour” Recital! It is a chance for your child to showcase their skills that they have been working so hard on all year long—both individually and as a TEAM.

Recital weekend should be treated as a “special weekend”. To work for everyone involved, it might mean having to put our daily routines and priorities aside, and make some exceptions and compromises—missing a different sporting game or a birthday party, staying up past bedtime, getting a sitter for younger siblings, etc. It is a BIG DEAL! Recital is the social occasion that brings dancers, parents, and families together, and encourages feelings of mutual support and pride.

It is your dancer’s chance to be the ‘Belle of the Ball!’ Performance completes our understanding of dance. Performing teaches confidence, the ability to work under pressure, and the importance of teamwork. Different from taking dance class at a rec centre, MDE offers our Recital as a performing opportunity for your dancers to share what they have learned with others.

It is their time to shine on stage and show off their ‘craft’, talent and confidence! The more a dancer performs, the more relaxed he/she will become on stage and in front of other people. A confident dancer often equals a more confident person in other areas of their life.

For recreational dancers, this is their one and only performance of the year. This is what they have been focused on, and have worked for all year long. Each week, dancers enjoy their classes and learning, but Recital is the “cherry & sprinkles on top” experience!

Thank you for coming together as one large MDE family and supporting your children and others. Thank you for your attention reading this information. We hope that this upcoming recital weekend makes many happy memories for you and your dancer.

We look forward to a fabulous recital with you!
Carla Mellado-Robertson and MDE Staff


Join us for a special RECITAL INFORMATION MEETING ON Tuesday May 19th at 6:00pm

All students need to arrive at least 45 min prior to their scheduled rehearsal time. There are no Class Mom’s during our rehearsal. Please send only ONE female family member with your dancer. Males are not welcome in any of the dressing areas. Thank you for your support

 Thursday May 30th, 2:00-11:00pm. All Classes will have a scheduled Rehearsal Time. Please check your email.

 The Act Theatre, Maple Ridge, 11944 Haney Place, Maple Ridge

STUDENT SIGN-IN TIME: Doors and changeroom areas will open 45 min prior to the first routine. There will be no official sign in for dress rehearsal. Please speak with a recital volunteer or MDE staff member to locate your dancers group

STUDENT SIGN-OUT TIME: Dancers are free to leave once they have rehearsed all the routines they are involved with.

No parent will be allowed backstage during the rehearsal or recital (no exceptions). Your dancers will be in the best hands (with our amazing staff) when they are backstage.

We cannot stress how important Dress Rehearsal is! We are lucky to have this time! Dress Rehearsal is a time for teachers to space out the dances on a larger stage, for dancers to learn how to use the wings and have a trial run without the pressure of having audience, for costumes to be tried & danced in, for lights & music to be set, etc. etc…

Show #1 – Friday May 31st, 2019 – 6:00pm
Show #2 & #3 – Saturday June 1st, 2019 – 12:00pm & 6:00pm
Show #4 & #5 – Sunday June 2nd – 12:00pm & 6:00pm

THEATRE DOORS OPEN: 1 hour prior to Showtime

SHOW TIME: Curtain will open at 12:00pm or 6:00pm

VENUE: The Act Theatre
11944 Haney Place, Maple Ridge

STUDENT SIGN- IN TIMES: 1 Hour prior to show start time (11:00am or 5:00pm)

STUDENT SIGN-OUT TIMES: Approximately 3-3.5 hours after show time

VENUE: The Act Theatre, Maple Ridge
11944 Haney Place, Maple Ridge


PHONE NUMBER: 604-476-2787


In-person at Theatre Box Office:
Address: 11944 Haney Place, Maple Ridge

Over the phone:
Phone Number: 604-476-2787


The recital ticket fees cover the cost of the entire experience for your little dancer. For example, the theatre venue, theatre & backstage staff, online ticketing




Saturday, May 4th: Shows # 1 and #4
(In person sales begin at 9:00am and online/phone sales begin at 12:00pm)

Sunday May 5th: Shows #2,  #3 and #5
(In person sales begin at 9:00am and online/phone sales begin at 12:00pm)


Senior/Student: $22.00
General Admission: $24.00

NEW THIS YEAR… 30 tickets per FAMILY
for the first 2 days of ticket sales May 4th & 5th.

**DO NOT buy your dancers a ticket for the shows they are performing in – they will not be able to watch as they will be required backstage – no exceptions!**

We will sell out! Get yours early to avoid disappointment.



The dressing rooms/studio theatre is used as the holding area for all dancers before and after their big moment on stage.

There will be no horse play, hide and seek or any such behaviours tolerated at the theatre.

Dressing Room Assignments will be given to dancers when you arrive at the theatre.

Male dancers will be assigned a male dressing room. See recital team for dressing room assignments when you arrive.

Please do not pack messy foods or drinks for your child, as we don’t want any spills on the costumes. We do have students and staff with nut allergies. PLEASE DO NOT BRING NUTS or NUT PRODUCTS. Remember to pack water! Changerooms can get very warm. Dress in layers (class mom’s too)

Do not bring items of value. Remember to put your dancers NAME ON EVERYTHING.

Phones/ Cameras are not to be used in the changing areas. No exceptions. Feel free to take photos in the lobby, or outside.

Signing in your dancer for all shows
All dancers (regardless of age) need to sign in with recital sign-in staff upon arrival. Parents/family will not be permitted to take their dancer to the dressing rooms – a recital volunteer or senior dancer will accompany your dancer to their dressing room, where they will be checked in with their class mom.

Signing Out your Dancers for all shows
Safety is our number one priority.

Please arrange to pick up your dancer promptly at the end of the show.

All dancers must be signed out.

No child under the age of 12 will be permitted to leave the theatre without their own parent; the SAME parent who checked in your child at sign-in.

Dancers may not return once they have been signed out. There are no in-out privileges.

Please arrange to pick up your dancer after the show is completed –. If your dancer has their routine(s) in the first half of the show and you are not able to wait till after the finale (end of the show) to sign your dancer out, you may sign your dancer out at intermission (about halfway through the show).

*We strongly encourage all dancers to stay till the end of the show to participate in FINALE. Finale is when the entire recital cast take one final bow together.

Thank you in advance for your understanding, cooperation and assistance.

Recital is just around the corner, which means we are now scheduling our wonderful Class Moms for our 5 recital shows, happening May 31st – June 2nd!

‘Class Mom’ volunteers are an integral part to our recital shows being a success!  

These moms assist in supervising the dancers in the dressing rooms backstage, helping out with costume changes, hair etc.  It takes a village 🙂

We highly encourage moms to volunteer backstage for at least one show, but also understand if that is not possible.

Class Mom/volunteer assignments are limited – we are limited to not only space, but also by the restrictions enforced by The Act Theatre. Class Mom spaces will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

This year we are asking you to sign up to be a Class Mom via the following online links. (All Class Mom sign-ups will take place using the below links. We will not accept Class Mom sign-ups in the office or through email. We will redirect you to the link.)

Please sign up for a Group Routine number (it will also show you which additional routines you are signing up for). The recital routine tracker is attached for you to review to ensure you are signing up for the correct show(s). We will send you a confirmation.





IMPORTANT – By signing up to be an official Recital Class Mom, you are agreeing to the following:

1.     You are committing to volunteer for the ENTIRE show length.  Not just a portion of it.  You are required to be the Class Mom Volunteer until all children in your care have been signed out.  You will not need to purchase a ticket to this show, as you will be in the dressing room with your dancers.
2.     You are committing to being on time. We cannot let dancers into their dressing rooms until we have a class mom present. Class moms will be allowed in first before dancers, so please be on time. Class moms need to be at the theatre by 10:45am (for Shows #2 and #4) and by 4:45pm (Show shows #1, #3 and #5).
3.     You understand you are NOT permitted backstage. Class moms are not permitted back stage during the performances to watch the dancers on stage. Backstage is a hub of chaos during the show with dancers prepping before they hit the stage, as well as all the recital staff managing the show and The Act Theatre staff. We cannot have any more bodies back stage. This will be enforced by our recital security and Mellado Staff. We have dancers in two shows, so parents have the opportunity to be a class mom and then also have a show to watch.
Note:  Pre-registered Class Moms will be the only adults/parents allowed in the dressing room areas.  If you have not signed up to volunteer for a specific show, you will not be permitted in the dressing rooms.  Your child will be safely escorted to his/her change room by MDE staff.  We run a well-organized event; this is for the safety & security of our dancers.

Please be sure to consider the following prior to signing up:

When to arrive to The Act Theatre:
ARRIVE by 10:45am if helping out during a MATINEE Show (#2 or #4)
ARRIVE by 4:45pm if helping out during an EVENING Show (#1, #3 or #5)

Your expectations as a Recital Class Mom:
– keep group together for duration of the whole show (from when they are signed in, until they are signed out again)
– make sure all dancers have the same hair/makeup, accessories, costumes etc. and are READY TO DANCE in time for their recital performance (class mom’s will have all hair/makeup sheets for all the groups they are responsible for)

Volunteers are encouraged to attend our Class Mom Info meeting on Wednesday, May 15th at 6:00pm (@ MDE). You will be given specific details & procedures to help answer any questions & ensure a stress-free time!

We thank you in advance for your consideration to signing up for the Class Mom volunteer position.

We greatly appreciate the time, effort, commitment & positivity given by all of our Class Mom volunteers – the dancers do too!

If you have any questions at all, please come speak with us in the office.
You can call us: 604-942-1070
You can email us: [email protected]
You can visit us in office: Monday – Friday: 3:30-7:30pm and Saturday 9:00-2:00

All MDE dancers have pre paid for all recital photography and videography as part of their Recital Media Package Fee. All routines will have professional photos taken by Cakewalk Media. These photos will be taken during rehearsal as well as all 5 shows. Photos will be available to view and download approximately a week after the last show. Once available we will send a link to all families.

Videography. All 5 shows will be professionally captured by Cakewalk Media videographers. Your downloadable link will be available approx. 4 weeks after recital has completed. We will email all families once this link is available.

Red Carpet Photos. Be sure to take advantage of this extra – FREE OF CHARGE. Take your photos with your friends and family on our red carpet. You are welcome to take photos with your own camera, but our Cakewalk Media team will be available to photograph your special moment 😊 (these photos are also available as part of the fee you paid with your package)


View/Download 2019 Live In Color Photos and Video Here:

Please note that it will take time to upload thousands of images and hundreds of videos. Thank you for your patience

Programs will be available for purchase in the lobby before the start of every show. Our programs are great mementos for any dancer.

We will be pre-selling single roses and mixed-flower bouquets that you may purchase and give out to your dancer during Recital weekend.
Pre-order now —we will sell out soon!

Flowers are picked up at the theatre during recital weekend.
* Submit your order to the office by Saturday, May 18th

All flowers are from Port Moody Flowers- fresh and beautifully wrapped with greenery.

Our 2019 Recital Collection is now available. Orders can be placed online.
Deadline for orders is: Monday, April 22nd.…/mellado-dance-recital-gear

MDE Mom Gear and MDE Team Gear is available here:
Be sure to place your order by Monday, April 22nd to receive before Recital.

Our online store makes SUPER simple for parents to purchase everything their dancer needs for class. Find exactly what your dancer needs and have your items shipped directly to your home. Sample sizes are available at the studio for your dancer to try on. Parents LOVE the convenience and 10% discount!

Be sure to select Light Tan (for tan tights) (Light Suntan for Preschool)

Sizes are organised by Toddler, Kids and Adult sizes. Size chart links are available if you are unsure of sizing.