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Welcome to the Mover’s Academy – these classes are specially designed for dancers 3/4 years of age who just can’t stop moving! The Mover’s Academy helps young dancer gain coordination and encourages creative movement, but most importantly provides these dancers with a fun introduction to the world of dance! With classes in ballet, jazz/hip hop, tap and musical theatre, the Mover’s Academy has a class suited to each individual dancer’s interests and needs.

Welcome to the Shaker’s Academy – these classes are specially designed for dancers 5 years of age who love to shimmy and shake! The Shaker’s Academy fosters development of self-expression and creativity while introducing dancers to the foundation of dance. With classes in ballet, jazz, hip hop, tap, musical theatre, and acrobatics, the Shaker’s Academy has a class suited to each individual dancer’s interests and needs.

Welcome to the Groover’s Academy – these classes are specially designed for dancers 6 years of age who love to boogie and groove! The Groover’s Academy encourages dancers to continue to develop their love of dance by providing an exciting space to learn new dance steps and gain confidence. With classes in ballet, jazz, hip hop, tap, musical theatre, and acrobatics, the Groover’s Academy has a class suited to each individual dancer’s interests and needs.

Ballet: (ages 3 and up)
Ballet offers well structured classes which develop good posture, movement quality, sense of time, balance, musicality and coordination. Ballet is an important basis for all dance styles. Mellado Dance Elite offers Chechetti syllabus for exam students.

Lyrical: (ages 7 and up)
Lyrical dance is a flow of movements combining jazz and ballet technique. Lyrical classes focus on balance, technique, posture and strength as well as portraying emotion through movement.

Jazz: (ages 3 and up)
These exciting classes are full of high energy! Jazz classes consists of a warm up/stretch/strengthening/turns/jumps. Jazz offers students a chance to develop their coordination, balance, rhythm, posture and musicality. Jazz is a suggested foundation which compliments most other forms of dance.

Hip Hop (ages 3 and up)
Hip Hop is a high energy dance form. This fast paced class excites any dancers with it’s rhythmic dance style. Hip Hop is a great way to get a work out while having a blast.

Dancers will perform age appropriate choreography to trendy popular music.

Acrobatics: (ages 5 and up)
Acrobatics is a unique form of movement that is similar to gymnastics. Strength plays an important role in acro classes. Dancers will learn to focus on strength and flexibility, as they learn to properly exacute Acrobatic skills such as Cartwheels, bridges, splits, hand and elbow balances. Choreographed routines will be comprised of Acro tricks and Jazz movements; therefore we strongly recommend that dancers register for a Jazz class in order to compliment their Acro training. MDE is very proud of their well recognized Acrobatic Program.

Contemporary/Modern (ages 10 and up)
Contemporary/Modern takes free and natural movement while still using technique from ballet and jazz. This unique style of dance creates a language with the use of posture, body weight and movements.

Tap (ages 3 and up)
This dance form incorporates rhythm, timing, and coordination. Dancers will learn basic, progressive and intricate tap steps and skills. Dancers will have fun making music with their feet by performing rhythm based choreography.

Stage/ Musical Theatre (ages 3 and up)
Stage class is for the actor in everyone. Stage routines incorporate jazz technique with acting and even sometime singing.

Mellado Dance Elite Company Program: (ages 7 and up) MDE offers a pre, mini, junior, intermediate and senior company program. Our competitive company dance programs provide an excellent base for our more serious dance students. Students prepare for competitions in choreography classes and develop their skills in technique classes. Company members are required to make a serious commitment to their instructors and fellow classmates. Company dancers a required to commit to a minimum of 7 hours of classes per week.

To download the Contract/Policy Form please click here.

Adult Stretch and Strengthen (6 weeks)
This “go at your own pace” class is perfect for all adults who are looking to get a full body work out in 1 hour. Class includes 5-10 min of cardio, a full body stretch and strengthening exercises. Exercise levels and modifications are given so that every participant is working at their own comfortable level. Exercise equipment will be used for some exercises such as Kettle Bells and Resistance Bands. Come experience this rewarding class, you’ll be glad you did!

Adult Dance Sampler (full year)
Have you always wanted to dance? Here is your chance! This class will explore different dance styles including Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop and more. This class is gear towards the more beginner adult student. Every class will include a good stretch and a strengthening exercise or two. Come experience how fun DANCE is!

Adult Contemporary/Stretch (6 weeks)
This progressive class will begin with a full body stretch, and a few strengthening exercises. Short exercises will be taught and repeated every week. Instructors will give exercise variations to insure that every participant is working at their own unique level.

Adult/Teen Ballet (6 weeks)
This traditional and classical form of dance provides a strong a solid core, as it focuses on proper posture, flexibility and strengthen throughout the entire body. Instructors will give exercise variations to insure that every participant is working at their own unique level.


MDE offers a variety of classes for adults 18 years of age and over. Our unique Adult Classes are designed to help adults reach their fitness goals in a fun and flexible atmosphere. Contact us for more information.
Why Mellado?
Going into our 20th season, we are excited to be continuing to uphold our reputation for providing the highest quality of instruction for dancers of all ages and abilities. At Mellado Dance Elite, it is our mission to make sure that every student who walks through our doors is valued as an individual. We are committed to our programs being an enjoyable experience and fostering self-confidence, commitment, self-esteem and friendship. With highly qualified staff, state of the art facility and a truly welcoming atmosphere, we are sure to exceed your dancer’s needs and expectations.

Performance Team Program
We are very excited to be entering into our third year of our Performance Team training program – a competitive program unique to Mellado that appeals to dancers who are looking for a committed group but also want to pursue other interests. Our instructors work with these dancers to challenge and strengthen their technique and artistry, in classes in ballet, jazz, lyrical, and an elective class of the dancer’s choice. (such as Acrobatics, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre/Stage, Tap etc) This program is a great opportunity for dancers who are interested in being a part of a dedicated group, without an enormous time or financial commitment.

Company Program
Our company program offers the chance for advanced dancers who are looking to commit to an intensive training schedule designed to not only develop strong technical dancers, but artists as well. These dancers work closely with our faculty and are highly motivated to pursue dance and challenge themselves to the very best of their abilities. Company Programs for dancers 7 years and older.
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