1. When can I register my child? Is it possible to register once the year has already started?

2. When do classes begin? When does the dance season end?

3. Are there any additional costs?

4. If my child is uncertain about enrolling for the year, what would you suggest?

5. Can my child try a class before enrolling?

6. How do I know which class to enroll my child into?

7. Can I watch my child in their weekly dance class?

8. What are the MDE Annual Events?

9. Does MDE have a dress code? Where can I buy it?

10. Is there parking available?

11. Do you have a waiting area for parents or kids between classes?

12. What happens if my child wants to whithdraw or change a class?

MDE’s dance season operates September-June. Enrolment is accepted on a first come first serve basis beginning in June through November. Please note that our classes tend to fill very fast. Early enrolment is important to ensure you have the most class options available.

Select classes will be re-opened for January enrolment. January enrolment will be accepted on a first come first serve basis beginning in November through January.

The first day of classes for the 2023-2024 dance year is, Saturday September 9th. The last day of classes is Sunday June 16th, 2024

Appropriate footwear/dance wear needed for certain dance classes, is not included in the tuition fee.

$25.00 Registration Fee (Returning Dancers) $30.00 (New Dancers)

Costume Deposits are due for all students – October 30th. $75.00/class.. This deposit goes towards the costume that will be worn for performances/picture day etc. throughout the dance year. There will be a costume balance owing once the costume has been completed. Once the balance has been paid the costume is the dancers to keep.

Competition Students will have competition entry fees which will be due November 15th.

Recital Media Package Fee $85.00/dancer (including tax). This fee is due February 1st.. Each dancer will receive a link digital link to view ALL shows., Photography from Dress Rehearsal and all shows, and Red Carpet. All videography and photography professionally captured by Cakewalk Media.

Included in the media package fee we will be offering all dancers with an 8×10 Memory Mate photography from each of their routines. Photo will include an individual and group shot.

Registration at MDE means a commitment to the dance class for the year as well as a commitment to all registration and withdrawal policies. If your child is uncertain, we recommend they participate in a Trial Class before enrolling. See question #5 for more information on Trial Classes.


Absolutely! MDE offers Trial Classes throughout the months of September and October, and again in January for classes which have been re-opened for January enrolment. A fee of $20/ Trial Class applies and must be paid before a dancer attends the class. If a dancer enrols in the class they tried, the Trial Class fee will be applied to the annual tuition. A Trial Class may be granted ONLY if space in the class permits. Participation in a Trial Class does not reserve a spot in the class.


MDE offers a wide variety of fun and exciting dance classes for all ages which all compliment each other. Please review our Class Descriptions to gain some knowledge on what each dance discipline offers and which would suit your child best. Or feel free to speak to anyone on of our knowledgeable staff members for additional information.

At MDE, we allow parents to view the last 10 minutes of each class by opening the blinds located on the viewing window, as well as opening the door. The blinds may be closed for the duration of the class so dancers can concentrate on choreography and skills. For the last 10 minutes of every class, dancers get the opportunity to show their parents what they have learned and get used to performing for an audience. Flash photography is prohibited.


MDE is proud to offer a variety of Annual Events in which all of our dancers take part. These events include: MDE’s Annual Holiday Show, In-Class Holiday Showcase Week where family and friends are invited to view and even videotape during class, Photo Shoot week where dancers pose in costume for professional group and individual photos, and the exciting Year-End Recitals held at the Act Theatre, Maple Ridge. Specific event dates are available in our Calendar of Events.

MDE has a mandatory Dress Code which all dancers are expected to follow. Dancers are required to wear non-restricting clothing (no jeans) Certain dance disciplines require specific footwear and dance wear please see our dress code handbook for more information.

For safety purposes, dancers with long hair must secure their hair off the face. Please leave all valuables at home, including jewellery which will not be allowed in the dance class.

Shopping our online store is fast and easy. Items are delivered to your door within 3-5 business days.

MDE offers 6 parking spaces directly in front, in a well lit parking lot. We use these spaces for drop off and pick up only. There is a 10 min parking limit to these spaces. There is plenty of street parking on the opposite side of Coast Meridian Rd.


There is a large waiting area as well as change rooms throughout the studio which are ideal for homework, reading, and eating snacks or meals. We remind parents that all children who are not between dance classes must be supervised by an adult while at the studio.

REFUNDS & WITHDRAWALS To withdraw from a class, OFFICIAL WRITTEN NOTICE MUST BE SUBMITTED TO THE MDE OFFICE. Verbal notification and non-attendance are not considered automatic withdrawal. When with withdrawing on the 1st of the month, the full current month’s tuition will still be due and processed as usual.

Withdrawals received after the 1st, will be required to pay tuition for that current month, and in addition, also the tuition for the following month. Pre-paid tuition fees will then be adjusted/refunded for any future payments, and any post-dated cheques be returned/destroyed.

NOTE: Withdraw after January 1st, will result in a $100.00 withdraw fee per class withdrawn.

Registration Fees & September Tuition Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE at any time.

Competition Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE after November 15th.

Costume Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE after October 30th.

Media Package NON REFUNDABLE after February 1st.

In addition, a costume is NOT guaranteed if withdrawal from class is prior to costume order/production. If withdrawal occurs after costume order/production, you will be responsible for paying any remaining balance. Deposit may be transferred to a replacement class in case of class changes.