Can’t say enough great things about Mellado. My daughter switched this year from another very competitive sport to dance. She’s 15 and was quite nervous about the switch. Could she do it? Would she make friends? Would she like the dance teachers? It’s been a very happy yes to all 3 of these questions. She’s loved her dance season. She did both competitive and recreation classes. Great experiences with both. She is looking forward to more dance seasons with her new Mellado Dance Family.
Laura Seekings
My daughter has been dancing at Mellado for 4 years. This studio has everything I was looking for. Great community, organized staff with clear communication, top of the line facility and most of all, great teachers. Not only they are really good at what they do. their teachers display empathy, care and love for each dancer. Along with dancing skills, they set good examples of being compassionate, positive and kind. We highly recommend Mellado for anyone looking for a well operated, positive dance studio experience!
Grace De la Llave
This has been our first year with MDE and must say the level of service and attention to detail that we have experienced with this particular studio has been top notch! Kudos to the entire team for their hard work, dedication and high level of organization and communication all year round! Super organized studio. It has been such a great experience for our 2 dancers and the whole family. We definitely will be registering our two kiddos for the new dance year!
Maria Z
My daughter Layal has been dancing for a long time and the teachers help her in her skills and she loves dancing with them . The staff very nice and helpful. The studio is really clean and as parents, we feel we are in our home.
Faiz Albayate
We were so impressed with the organization throughout the year and the year-end recital was AMAZING. Absolutely recommend Mellado is a wonderful studio.
Emilie Ammirati Burri
Mellado has become a huge part of my daughter's lives! We have a truly wonderful dance family with nothing but love and kindness to spread! I am so grateful we found Mellado Dance Elite 7 years ago and we have no plan on going anywhere for a long time!
Dawn Normey
I have been dancing at Mellado dance elite for four years now. it is the most loving, supportive and positive environment.
Meha Muralidharan
My 4 year old boy loves dancing at Mellado! He did the summer camps last year and was in the Jazz/Hip Hop this year. The dance recital was awesome!!! He loves his teachers and gets upset when he has to miss a class. I love that there are tons of boys classes as well. Already signed him up for July's summer camps, and will be signing him up for the next school year too!
Far Loungsay Cheng
My daughter has danced at Mellado for the past 3 years and my son has danced there for the past 2 years. They love it!! The teachers are amazing and they’ve made so many friends. It’s such a save and fun environment for them to grow and be themselves ? Thank you to all of you that make Mellado our home away from home.
Danielle Hall
We came to Mellado Dance Elite 3 years ago when our daughter was then 4. She had already been at another prominent dance studio for a year and 2 months into her second year she was bored. Not the start we wanted for our daughter who was a performer right from the start and loved to dance and entertain people. In talking with our eldests daughter's friend, who has been at Mellado since the beginning she told us to bring our daughter there and that she would love it. So we did and yes she did just that, LOVED IT. She is now only 7 but in her 4th year of dance and loves it more today than ever. The love of dance she shared with her younger sister, who loves it now as well and will be going into her 3rd year, although she is not as "outgoing" as her sister she loves dance. They both love their teachers and the friends that they have made in dance have continued outside the dance studio. At Mellado Dance Elite you become a family. Thank you Carla and all the wonderful dance teachers for giving our girls such an incredible experience and we look forward to many more years at Mellado.
Troy, Corinna, Cheyanna and Isabella
MDE-Mellado Dance Elite has brought Our daughter Emma-Jane, "out of her shell".Her self- esteem has gone through the roof since she participated in Musical Theatre and Hip Hop at MDE this past year . Miss.Carla has made up a wonderful group of young women, whom are very talented in each variation of dance.Emma had fun and worked hard to learn the techniques and skills to be a part of mellado's year end recital that was "Out Of This World". The costs are reasonable and what my child got out of being a part of the MDE family.....PRICELESS!! Thanks to you all ! Can't wait to see the new Studio in the Fall!
The Richards Family
Mellado Dance Elite is a warm, fun & professional dance studio; and we are thrilled to be enrolled here! My daughter absolutely loves her dance classes at MDE, as well as the caring staff and fun studio events. In addition to having fun in class, the MDE Xmas party, Mayday parade festivities, Teddy Bear Picnic performance, and Year End Recital are all big highlights of her dance year. This studio has welcomed us, & made us feel a part of the MDE family! MDE's positive environment is refreshing!
Proud MDE Mom
Mellado Dance Elite has been a wonderful experience for our daughter. We feel very lucky to have our daughter in such a welcoming, friendly and safe atmosphere. The teachers are fantastic! They all have such patience and are so wonderfully creative! We have had the pleasure of watching our little girl develop socially, emotionally and physically at Mellado. We are well aware that Mellado's teaching staff have assisted us in fostering these behaviours because they make our little girl feel comfortable and good about herself. Our daughter has developed lifelong friends which is pretty amazing for both her and us as parents. Our daughter has been dancing at Mellado for 4 years now and truthfully we cannot imagine going anywhere else. Thank you Miss Carla, Miss Shay, Miss Mary, Miss Tara, Miss Nicole, Miss Lauren, Miss Elaine and all the special people who are part of the Mellado team for making our dancing experience not only about DANCING but about creating a postiive experience for our daughter. You guys are amazing! With big, big hearts,
The Cucciones!
The best academy I have ever been! with a great atmosphere, qualified teachers, tons of different classes and varieties where everybody is friendly and trying to be better not just as dancers, but also as people. Mellado was one of the best things that ever happened to me! I had a great experience 😀 With all my love.. from México, Gaby 😉
Gaby Serrano
our daughter has been dancing at Mellado since she was 3 years old. It has been amazing 6 years. Thanks for this wonderful experience. To all her dance teachers over the years, thank you. Looking forward to many more amazing years to come.
Pratima Alexander
Clara started at Mellado when she was 4 years old so she's been dancing here for 4 years now. We love the professionalism Mellado offers whether it's a variety of payment options, up to date communication, quality of teachers and a clean bright environment. My daughter has come so far in the last few years thanks to the teachers and owner, Carla, who really channel their energy for the love of dance. The teachers are easy to talk to and allow parent viewing at different times. My son is in hip hop for the 3rd year now and he loves the "all boys" class. He's learning some great moves. We love the end of the year recital and are always so impressed by show!
Andrea Howorth
This studio holds a very special place in my heart. I was welcomed with open arms from the second I walked through the doors almost 6 years ago. The staff and studio director are incredible people who have an undying passion for their students, the facility is state of the art, and the dancers have become family. Very professionally run, and provides a safe and encouraging atmosphere for all to explore dance!
Chelsea Henderson
Highly accredited teachers. Friendly staff. Amazing owner. Beautiful studio! This place feels like a family. I love MDE!!
Shelby N.
You can tell when you walk into Mellado that it's like a family. My niece has danced here for 7 years and she loves her time spent at the studio and with her teachers. I have also taken a few of the adult courses offered and always felt supported and had a fun experience! The studio is beautiful and the teachers and staff are all so passionate about what they do. I highly recommend Mellado Dance Elite to anyone looking for a positive dance experience!
Caitlin Riley
I have been taking both of my young granddaughters to Mellado for the past two years - and everything about the studio is fabulous, from the facilities to the staff.
Jamie Rossi
Mellado Dance Elite is a place where students are encouraged to learn the art of dance,develop self confidence and self expression and make life long, special friendships. For many it's a home away from home. Our daughter has danced with MDE for over 8 years. Opportunities like company programs, solos, community performances and the mentoring program have allowed her to grow as a dancer and develop a sense of self confidence well beyond our expectations. The staff at MDE is amazing!!! The teachers are great role models displaying talent, dedication, perseverance, and a genuine love of dance. They soon become much more than teachers.....they become friends. As a studio owner, Carla should be incredibly proud of the environment she has created for young girls and boys.
Susanne Flottorp Hawker
Our daughter has been dancing at Mellado since she was 3 years old. It has been amazing 6 years. Thanks for this wonderful experience. To all her dance teachers over the years, thank you. Looking forward to many more amazing years to come.
Pratima Alexander
Great place for little dancers. Family friendly and the teachers are amazing.
Diana Kurniawan
My girls have danced at Mellado for 8 years and they absolutely love it. The teachers are amazing and they have made some lifelong friends. The studio is like a family and we all love it.
Tammy Hannah
I loved dancing at Mellado. Mellado is not only where you learn to dance but where you make the greatest of friendships. The last 13 years of my life I danced at Mellado and I wouldn't change anything about the amazing memories I have made over those years.
Mikaela Gray
Thanks a lot for all the staff in Mellado dance for the nice show and for the organize garden party.
Faiz Albayate
Carla and her staff are so amazing. They cherish each child that comes to their studio. I know Carla gets to know each student and encourages them to be the best they can be. She is so loving ,kind and professional. Sometimes she must make hard decisions but she always makes them from a loving heart and what is best for the child. Keep up the great work you guys.
Vickie Save
“We love dancing here! The instructors are phenomenal”
Tyra Sauriol
Top class facility with amazing people to work with!!
Anurag Anand
We love Mellado. Such a warm welcoming place for everyone to dance. Their recitals are top notch. Highly recommend Mellado for anyone looking for a dance studio.
Crystal Macdonald
Our daughter has been dancing there since she was 4. She absolutely loves everything about this studio. The atmosphere, the teachers, the students, the support staff and the list goes on and on!! I definitely recommend MDE to everyone.
Mich Elle
Everyone was so welcoming and helpful coming in as a new family last year! The emails are very clear and everything from classes to recital is smoothly run and easy for parents. The instructors are professional and very easy to talk to, not to mention the friendly front desk staff. Thank you for another great season and see you all soon.
Lauren Sechov
My little girl has been going for two years now and loves her teachers and student teachers and gets super excited for recital weekend. The staff are always friendly and are very helpful with any and all questions I have come up with.
Kimberley Sinclair
This was my 4 year old daughters first experience with dance classes and it was wonderful. The teachers are fantastic, plus the recital is run so amazingly. We will be signing up for more classes for Sept! Highly recommend.
Jane Adams
My son. Yes son. Dances over 10 hours a week with mellado. Ballet. Jazz. Hip hop. Contemporary. Musical theatre. Lyrical. He does it all. And he is obsessing with his dance. Mellado treats him like family. He’s usually the only boy in most of the dances. Yet is so welcomed and included. He never misses a class. And loves all of his teachers. This is our sixth year with mellado. With another six to come for sure. We even make the drive from maple ridge since I would never go to another studio. We love mellado!!!!! And yes. Boys do dance!!!! So be sure to sign ur son up here. It’s the best thing I have ever done for mine!
Lori Mork
Our young dancer started a Hip Hop Saturday class 3 years ago as her first dance class ever. Loved the school so much, she enrolled in Jazz and Acro the following year. The excellent teachers, helpful/organized office staff, friendly students, and amazing recital and parade opportunities helped our young dancer thrive in confidence and ability. She always wants to go early before class to have time to be with her friends. The studio is like a big family. We are over the top happy with her experiences at Mellado as each year she grows and takes on more challenges.
Teresa Lynne
My young son started at Mellado by joining their summer camp first. My son loved every single minute of it with Miss Chelsea and he was very eager to continue to be back to continue to dance. So we signed up for dance and this past year, Miss Caitlin has been wonderful teaching my son n the group of boys. My son also held his bday party at Mellado last year and it was an absolute wonderful experience. All the kids had a blast! Mellado is a wonderful dance studio with dedicated and experienced dance teachers who are so passionate about what they do! Miss Carla and the admin team are so organized with everything - emails, newsletters and always there to answer to any questions. The year-end recital that just happened was truly a showcase of all the hard work that students, teachers and staff put in for the past year! What a Wonderful and brilliant team at Mellado!
WL Yvonne
My granddaughter was so shy when she started at Mellado. She has grown so much in the 4 years she has danced with this fabulous studio. She now has much more self-confidence, she's passionate about dance, loves her teachers, and has made so many special friends. The studio is like a family, the office staff are always kind and helpful, other parents help dancers with whatever is needed. In competition, moms helped with hairstyles, makeup, emergency tights when a snag happened, and lots of smiles and encouragements. And at the fabulous yearly Recital, there are moms that volunteer backstage to support the girls. We are so happy we found Mellado and are looking forward to the summer sessions and the 2019-2020 season.
Teresa Lynne
Couldn’t ask for a better studio! My daughter Ella is entering her 6th year at Mellado and the progress she has made over the years blows my mind! Offering competitive and recreational programs Mellado caters to everyone! The staff are all talented in different ways and the organization that happens from the office is exceptional.
Lisa Sedlic
At Mellado it is not just a dance academy, its family, its growth, its inclusion. My daughter has been at Mellado for 7 years, she has never once complained about going to dance. Her passion is supported and driven by her dance mates, the environment and the teachers. Every year she wants more, she just can't get enough! On a personal level I have seen my daughters confidence increase in all aspects, her smile and dedication to the academy and its family is priceless.
Sirena Bourassa
Mellado Dance Elite is a fantastic dance studio. The teachers and staff are very helpful and the studio is run very well. I am so glad we found such an amazing studio it as we say dance family.
Jennifer Corbett
My 3-year-old danced for her first time this year and absolutely loved the ballet and musical theatre classes. It has done wonders for her confidence. The teachers are really supportive, encouraging and super patient with the little ones. The year-end recital was a spectacular show and I was really impressed with how professionally it was organized!
Lee-Anne Theron
This is my daughter’s 2nd year at Mellado. I am very happy with the studio and amazed by the professionalism during the year-end recitals. My daughter loves dancing at Mellado and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in enrolling their kids in dance.
Tracie Probyn
Amazing staff! My 5 year old loves her class and her teachers! Everyone goes above and beyond to make you feel like a part of the dance family.
Christina Shipley
My son started in an all boys Hip Hop class at 6 years old. He is now just finishing his 3rd year with Mellado and never has doubt that he wants to join next year! My daughter is now finishing her 2nd year and we all just LOVE Mellado! The staff is so awesome and the teachers are top notch! My kids love going week after week and the recital shows just how hard everyone works to make the magic happen. I would highly recommend this studio to anyone who ask me. Oh and the costumes� So much class! I wish I could add pictures here.
Nikky Brubaker
My daughter, Hallie is currently in Acro, Jazz and Ballet and will be auditioning for Pre-Company next weekend….she LOVES to dance! She started at Mellado in the Fall of 2011 in Miss Mary’s ballet class. She had so much fun with Miss Mary and really caught the dancing bug… In the Fall of 2012, Hallie added Jazz and Acro to her schedule and found Miss Nicole….. Miss Nicole encouraged Hallie to join competitive Jazz which meant competing against other dancers this past Spring. What an awesome experience! Under Miss Nicole’s guidance, the girls danced a fun, energetic number which earned them both a Gold and Silver medal…..we were so proud of them! The pride and self confidence on the girl’s faces was worth every hour sitting at the dance studio during my daughter’s classes. This year’s recital was fantastic once again…. Very professional and well-organized. It’s so great to end the dancing year with such a great showcase of how hard the kids have worked all year….Recital is the highlight of the year for Hallie… She is excited to be trying out for Pre-Company and wants to add even more dance to her schedule next year (I’m going to need a permanent parking spot! LOL) …. I am happy she has found a place where she has the opportunity to dance her heart out, make good “dancing” friends and build her confidence and self esteem!
My daughter is 13 years old and has been dancing at Mellado since she was 6. She started in several different sports all around the same time but dance has become the shining star in her life. She loves it more and more with each passing year. She loves all of her teachers and they along with the stage performances have helped transform her from a shy, timid, little girl into a beautiful and confident little dancer. As the mother of a Mellado dancer I have to say that I find the choreography of the dances to be edgy, unique and modern. Mellado teachers are not afraid to take a step out side of the box and dare to be different and try something new. I like that.
Jackie Jordan
I have been dancing at Mellado Dance Elite for seven years and until today the only thing that has changed is the place we were dancing. There is still the warm and friendly teachers greeting you as you walk in the door and there is still the same sense of accomplishment when you learn something new and get to show it to others. But the most memerable thing that I have noticed with my time at Mellado is the sense of belonging and family that thrives within the studio, because no matter your name or dancing ability you are always welcome at Mellado.
Jamie-Lynne, Student
It is an honour to be on the Mellado Dance Elite faculty; what a wonderful place to teach & instil a love of dance in children! Carla is a fabulous, caring employer, leading her studio with the utmost integrity. It is great to be connected to an organized dance studio with a clean & clear reputation, open communication, and very little 'studio politics'. MDE feels more like a family than a business.
Miss Mary
When I came to Mellado two years ago as a new student I was really nervous about not knowing anyone and worried about making friends, but everyone welcomed me and I stopped being worried within the first few minutes. All the teachers are amazing dancers and wonderful teachers. Mellado is like my second family! I love it there and couldn’t ask for a better place to dance!
Claire Lundin, Student
Mellado is a great dance school with awesome instructors, and students of many ages. The staff make everyone feel welcome. My cousins are in there second year at Mellado, and wouldnt change a thing.
Marie Louise
I came to Mellado 5 years ago to help in the office and it has been the best decision of my life! Mellado Dance Elite helped me find my passion and has allowed me to grow! The staff, students and families are so amazing! It really is like a big family gathering every time you walk in. I am so thankful to Carla Mellado and everything she has done for me and everyone who walks through her doors!
Samantha Armstrong
After teaching at Mellado dance for two years now I have never felt so welcomed by the dancers, families and staff! As soon as I first walked into Mellado I knew I felt at home. I feel honoured every day to teach such wonderful students!
Caity Wright
Mellado is a second home for my girls... they don't just love to dance but they love the people they get to learn with. Over the last 13 + years they have had mentors, made lifelong friends and have been given so many opportunities to grow, not only as dances but as wonderful young ladies.
Debbie Gemmell
The facility is top of the line with air conditioning, spacious dressing rooms, a big waiting area and the main floor studio has a viewing window to watch your little dancer learn. The staff is kind and caring, willing to help however they can. The studio really goes above and beyond to make special moments and have all dancers feel included. In the beginning of the year there was a screen to snap "first day of dance" photos, they have a Valentines box where dancers could send other dancers cards and the end year recital is not your usual dance recital. Mellado Dance Elite puts on a end year production with every year having a different theme, photo booths and professional photography (photos and videos are included in registration fees). Mellado Dance Elite has classes for those wanting to be a competitive dancer and those who just love to dance, with both types having a foundation in FUN.
Janine Strachan
A modern and clean studio with excellent instructors and professional management. My girls absolutely loved it at Mellado! We moved to the Okanagan, otherwise we would still be there every week!!!
Ken Adams
All the C's you could possibly want in a dance studio: Caring, compassionate, consistent, and creative.
Silly Rabbit2000
What a positive, healthy message this school sends it's young dancers. I am so impressed and moved by how much their well-being matters and is clearly prioritized first. May all dance schools adopt your philosophy & approach.
Jax Smith
My 2 daughters danced 8+ years at Mellado. They loved learning new techniques and skills from the wonderful instructors, and truly enjoyed dancing there. We have fond memories of our time at MDE.
Bonnie 'Durand' Karhukangas
My daughter loves attending Mellado Dance Elite. She can't wait until it is time for lessons. This is her second year here and I'm sure there be lots more with her love a dancing and the great instructors and staff there. ?
Holly Demmon
Great instructors, welcoming atmosphere and a very positive place to dance! Our girls love their classes and teachers at Mellado. We have seen massive improvements in both of them since they began taking classes last year. Now our son wants to join the fun too!
Corinne Newell
My three girls have all danced at Mellado and love the friendships, mentorship and just overall positive experience. Everything is always well planned out in advance which is important when scheduling 3 busy girls activities ? Thank you for everything Miss Carla and your team!!
Alisa Michelis Warner
Our daughter loves having fun trying new classes each year, she has yet to find her niche however all the awesome ladies at Mellado make it easy for her to be apart of what she wants. This being our second dance academy we find everything well organized, and the team spirit and support is phenomenal. We are glad to be apart of the Mellado family.
Sirena Bourassa- Wheeler
When I moved to Vancouver I had no idea what my future would bring and after three great years at Mellado I feel so blessed to be a part of this amazing family, they took me in like one of their own. Everyone at MDE is an inspiration and it has been amazing to see each and every one of them grow into the beautiful dancers they are today. Miss Kenley
Kenley Knock
My daughter has been dancing at Mellado since she was 4 years old. Great Dance Studio.
Gorett Nunes
5 Star for awesome service, the best dance classes here at MelladoDanceElite.
Pooja Winshu
My niece has danced with Mellado for 7 years and loves her time spent at the studio. She has made so many great friends and memories. I have also taken some adult classes and always had so much fun even though I have no dance experience and was super nervous! You can tell the teachers really love what they do. The studio is absolutely beautiful and was built with thought in mind. Carla the owner puts everything she has into this business and it really shows. I would highly recommend Mellado Dance Elite to anyone looking for a fun and positive dance experience for their children or themselves!
Caitlin Williams
The studio is clean and spacious. The instructors are fun and energetic! And the year end recital is a huge production and event that we look forward to each year. Most of all, my 7 year old son loves it here.
Carrie NguHam
Mellado is an amazing dance family. My daughter has grown so much as a dancer. She has also learn so many styles of dance. The staff and families are all so welcoming. Thanks Carla for everything.
Jennifer Gillett-Corbett
Mellado is such a welcoming environment for dancers of all shapes, sizes ages and genders! I am thrilled to join the Mellado community and I cannot wait to see all the exciting things they have in store!! This studio is spectacular-clean, open, inviting, easy to find, and has fantastic, talented, and devoted staff. They are extremely family oriented there, and that's wonderful. They have competitive as well as rec dancing and all different types- hip hop, tap, jazz, you name it! I would highly recommend Mellado to anyone interested in dancing!
Francesca Andreolli
This is my daughter’s 2nd year at Mellado. I am very happy with the studio and amazed by the professionalism during the year end recitals. My daughter loves dancing at Mellado and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in enrolling their kids in dance.
Tracie Probyn
Both of my girls have been dancing at Mellado for the last 3 years. They LOVE their teachers, classes, and friends they have made there! The teachers are warm and friendly; the owner Carla is approachable and fully hands-on, you’ll always see her helping and teaching in the studio; and the office staff is super organized and helpful. The atmosphere in the studio is welcoming and full of energy. We have loved seeing the growth in our girls in their ability and love for dance and confidence in performing!! We highly recommend Mellado to friends and family all the time!
Jennifer Mark
Both my kids have been at Mellado the last 2 seasons. We come from Maple ridge to Mellado a couple times a week for dance classes because of how much we love the teachers and the studio. They provide nothing but a warm and welcoming environment. They even have gotten my introverted son to preform on stage in recital both seasons without a problem! My daughter is obsessed with Dance. We have known since she was 2 dance was going to be her passion and every year she is asking for more and more classes because of how much she loves it at Mellado! Thank you to the Mellado team for loving and encouraging my kids the way you do! We will be with you for years to come.
Amanda Maliwat
Mellado is: M-agical. A place where kids not only learn dance but also build confidence and friendships. E-njoyable. It's fun to to go to dance for my daughter. She learns new skills while having fun. L-oving. These teachers and staff put everything they've got into this studio. They do this for the love of dance, not for money. L-ittle. The way the studio is run is similar to a little family business. Which is amazing because you actually get to know everyone and you feel comfortable. Yet the business is not little at all... a bunch of staff and teachers are amongst many many dancers. A-cheive. The teachers don't let you just dance. They help you achieve your goals and challenge yourself. D-ance. Tons of different dance styles are offered and they have classes for toddlers which is awesome! O-verall. This studio overall is hands down amazing and is worth our time to drive out from Maple Ridge. From the informative newsletters, the bright and beautiful studio, the teachers and the very fair fees, Mellado takes the cake. Special thanks to Ms. Ashley and Ms. Chelsea for a fabulous year. You ladies, the office staff and everyone behind the scenes worked their butts off from start to finish and I was amazed with the recital. We can't wait for September to start another year! Truly a review from the heart ♡♡♡
Danielle Miller