Important Dates


Unique to MDE, we offer special events all year long that add fun and excitement to our weekly classes. The overall MDE experience is heightened by these fun, organized and celebrated studio events!

For specific event dates, please view our printable Calendar of Events sheet and mark down important dates in your family calendars.

Important Dates 2022/2023

September 9th
First Day of Classes for 2023-2024 Season

September 30th
Truth and Reconciliation Day | Studio Closed

October 7th-9th
Thanksgiving Long Weekend | Studio Closed

October 10th
Studio Re-Opens—Classes resume as usual

October 30th
Costume Deposits due! *ALL DANCERS

October 31st
Halloween | Studio Closed

November 11th
Remembrance Day | Studio Closed

November 12th
Studio Re-Opens—Classes resume as usual

November 15th
Ballet Exam Fees due! *APPLICABLE DANCERS

November 15th
Competition Fees due! *APPLICABLE DANCERS

December 12th-18th
Parent Viewing Week—more information to come

December 19th-Jan 5th
Winter Break | Studio Closed

January 6th 2024
Studio Re-Opens—Classes resume as usual

February 1st
Media Package Fees due! *ALL DANCERS

February 17th -19th
Family Day | Studio Closed

February 20th
Studio Re-Opens—Classes resume as usual

March 18th-28th
Spring Break | Studio Closed

March 29th-April 1st
Easter Long Weekend | Studio Closed

April 2nd
Studio Re-Opens – Classes resume as usual

May 18th-20th
May Long Weekend | Studio Closed

May 21st
Studio Re-Opens—Classes resume as usual

May 29th-June 2nd
Recital 2024 @ The Act Theatre, Maple Ridge

May 29th-June 4th
Recital Week | Studio Closed

June 5th
Studio Re-Opens—Classes resume as usual

June 8th-14th
Class Picture Days @ MDE

June  16th
Last Day of Classes for 2023-2024 Season

June 16th-20th 
Early Registration Week for 2024-2025 Season


The last week before Christmas/New Years break we invite our dancers Parents/Family and Friends to come and sit in on their class(es). Camera’s and video camera’s are welcome. Come see what we have been working on !


In December, Mellado Dance Elite puts on an annual Holiday Show. This is a fun and exciting opportunity for dancers to show off their skills and dance routines as well as prepare for the Year-End Recitals by performing for an audience. Due to time restrictions only some classes will be performing at this Holiday event but all MDE dancers/parents are welcome to come and spread some Holiday cheer.


COSTUMES EVERY class (except for Stretch/Technique classes) requires a Costume for their performance routine. A Costume Deposit of $75 is required for each class your dancer is enrolled in, and is due by October 30th.

MDE will make arrangements to hire a seamstress or have a costume ordered for each class. Teachers will design and purchase a costume for their routines. Please note costumes will be ordered several months before they will be worn, and that we will always try to accommodate for potential growth and buy a larger size as needed. As everyone grows at a different rate, it is impossible to ensure that all costumes will fit perfectly, however, we will do our best to have all dancers in well-fitting costumes for their performances.

This payment must be submitted to the MDE office as a Post-Dated Cheque or set up onto a Credit Card Payment Plan during Early Registration Week. Costume deposits are non-refundable after October 30th. This costume deposit will go towards the production of the dancer’s costume – any balance outstanding will be collected at the time when the costume has been completed. MDE does its very best to design costumes that can be worn again. Parents are encouraged to get involved with making the costumes to keep the costs down!

Costumes are designed for dancers in accordance with the latest trends so that costumes can be enjoyed long after the Recitals are over!


MDE dancers get asked to do many fun and exciting performances throughout the dance year. Keep on the look out for information on upcoming community events. May Day Parade/Performance (mid May) Teddy Bear Picnic Parade/Performance (mid June) PNE Performance (early September)


Each MDE family will receive an important information booklet detailing which recital their child/children will be performing in, costume and grooming specifications, as well as ticket purchasing information. This schedule is extremely important and we strongly recommend that it be displayed at home as a reminder. Parents, please look out for this important information available in May.


During the second week of June, dancers will pose wearing their costume for group and individual photos with professional photographers. All dancers will be given an 8×10 memory mate photo included as part of their media package fee.  Additional photos and products will be available for purchase.

Photo Line Up will be available @ the studio mid-May.


An extravagant showcase of skills, talent, and dance routines, the Year-End Recital takes place at the Act Theatre, Maple Ridge. Dancers will perform on a professional stage for an adoring audience of family and friends. Tickets are available for sale through the Act Theatre ( or at the Theatre Box Office (located at 11944 Haney Place, Maple Ridge V2X 6G1) or over the phone by calling 604-476-2787. Tickets are assigned seating and are sold on a first come, first serve basis. Tickets will be on sale early May. Advance notice will be given.