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Our school is one where students are valued as individuals. We are committed to our programs being an enjoyable experience and fostering self confidence, commitment, self esteem and friendships. It’s our mission to develop each dancer physically, mentally, and emotionally by providing a warm friendly atmosphere in our studio.

Regardless of your age and skill level, our school offers great programs that can fit into your schedule and budget. Whatever your interests, Mellado Dance Elite offers you excellent, caring instruction and a wide selection of class types, all within a great facility in a convenient location.

The faculty at Mellado Dance Elite consists of experienced, enthusiastic and talented instructors who have dedicated their career of teaching dance to provide programs that can be molded to suit all students interests. Whether you are looking for a serious career or recreational fun, you will find Mellado Dance Elite the right place for you to pursue your dance desires.

Mellado offers a wide range of dance styles such as:

  • Jazz
  • Tap
  • Acrobatics/Contortion
  • Lyrical
  • Ballet
  • Stage/Musical Theatre
  • Modern/Contemporary
  • Hip Hop
  • Stretch and Strengthen

Classes offered for students aged 3 yrs and up. With over 140 + classes a week to choose from you are sure to find one which works for you. In addition to our impressive competitive classes we also offer a fabulous recreational program.

Here at Mellado Dance Elite we realize that we have a unique opportunity to influence the lives of those students that walk into our classroom. Our obvious responsibility is to develop physical skills such as coordination, flexibility, agility, strength and grace. We also have the joy and challenge to do much more.

Through training, correction and encouragement we give our students the roots of discipline, or socialization and the increased physical development. By experiencing progress they come to realize the power of dedication, motivation and hard work.

Equally as valuable is the excitement our students enjoy as they develop their wings of self expression, confidence and creativity, increasing their skills as a dancer and performer.

Be assured that throughout each year we will make every effort to help our dancers as individuals, and continue to provide the quality instruction, happy classes and exciting performances our families expect.

To put it simply, dancing is just plain fun and we hope to share with our students the joy and happiness that dancing brings to us.