Dress Code



Dress Code

Dance wear available @ the studio. (click here for dress code rules.)

Ballet Classes

Under the age of 7yrs: Pink leather ballet slippers. Ballet pink tights. Bodysuit (any color, style) Skirt-optional. Hair must be pulled back into a bun or ponytail. Over the age of 7yrs.: Pink Sansha Canvas ballet slippers-girls. Ballet pink tights, Black tank style bodysuit. Hair must be pulled into a proper ballet bun.

Tap/Jazz/Lyrical/Acro/Modern/Stage Classes

No jeans or restricting clothes. Jazz pants/capris or shorts are great. Bodysuit or tank top. Clothes should be tight to the body. Tap shoes are needed for all tap classes, Black split soled leather jazz shoes for all jazz/stage classes. Foot undies or bare feet are acceptable for lyrical, acro and modern classes. Hair should be pulled off the face into a pony tail for all classes.

Hip Hop Classes

No jeans or restricting clothing. Loose fitting clothes are best, sweatpants are great for hip hop. Clean/indoor runners are required for all hip hop classes.