SO Many Classes to Choose From!

At Mellado Dance Elite, we value our students as individuals. We are passionate about creating programs where students confidence, commitment, and self-esteem flourish! Our diverse mix of class offerings help to ensure that ALL of our dancers find classes that suit them and reach their potential.

Below you will find class descriptions of ALL the types of classes we offer at Mellado Dance Elite. Did you know we offer hip hop for students ages 3+ and several classes for adults??  

We are still accepting enrollment in most classes. Now could be the perfect time to add a class! Visit our website to see the current schedule of classes or schedule your trial. We are always happy to offer class suggestions!

Ballet: (ages 3 and up)

Ballet dancers develop poise, strong posture, coordination, and an appreciation of this classical art form! Ballet is the foundation of all dance styles and recommended to ALL dancers. Mellado Dance Elite follows the Cecchetti syllabus.

Lyrical: (ages 7 and up)

Lyrical dancers learn how to portray emotion through movement. Lyrical dance pulls from ballet and jazz technique.  Expect improved balance, coordination, and strength in this fluid, dance class.

Jazz: (ages 3 and up)

These exciting classes are full of high energy! Jazz classes consists of a warm up, exciting progressions across the floor, and a high energy combination. All set to upbeat, fun music! Jazz technique is a great foundation for dancers and jazz classes are a nice compliment to all other dance styles. If you dancer is wanting to leap, turn and jump… this class is for you!

Hip Hop (ages 3 and up)

Hip Hop is a street dance style that is ALWAYS evolving. Hip hop classes pull from popping, locking, and break dancing. Dancers are encouraged to bring their personality into their dancing while they dance to age-appropriate popular music. Parents can expect improved coordination, musicality, and swag 🙂 We also offer a boys only Hip Hop/ Breakdancing class this is very popular!

Acrobatics: (ages 5 and up)

We are extremely proud of our acrobatics program at Mellado Dance Elite. In our acrobatics classes, students will learn to safely execute cartwheels, bridges, splits, hand balances, and elbow balances. Dancers will gain flexibility, strength, and control! Acrobatic choreography will contain exciting acro tricks and jazz technique. It is highly recommended that our acrobatic students also enroll in a jazz class to compliment their training.

Contemporary/Modern (ages 10 and up)

Our contemporary and modern classes introduce students to the concepts of shifting weight, floor work, gestures, and improvisation. Students are encouraged to pull from their ballet and jazz technique… and then play with breaking the rules! Contemporary and modern dance classes allow students to gain experience conveying emotions and abstract ideas through movement. Ballet and jazz are highly recommended to all contemporary/ modern dancers.

Tap (ages 3 and up)

Tap dance classes allow students to have fun making music with their feet! Tap dance incorporates rhythm, timing, and coordination. Classes consist of a warm up, learning progressive skills and steps, and fun combinations set to up-beat music. Tap classes are a wonderful 1st dance class option in addition to ballet!

Stage/ Musical Theatre (ages 3 and up)

Stage/ Musical Theatre classes bring out the natural performer in EVERYONE. These classes will incorporate jazz technique, acting, and singing. All set to dancers’ favorite musical theater hits! Dancers will be encouraged to step out of their comfort zone and learn to really embody a character. A great supplement for any of our dancers that love to perform!

Mellado Dance Elite Company Program: (ages 7 and up)

MDE offers a pre, mini, junior, intermediate and senior company program. Our competitive company dance programs provide an excellent base for our more serious dance students. Students prepare for competitions in choreography classes and develop their skills in technique classes. Company members are required to make a serious commitment to their instructors and fellow classmates. Company dancers a required to commit to a minimum of 7 hours of classes per week. More information can be found online.

Adult Stretch and Strengthen

This “go at your own pace” class is perfect for all adults who are looking to get a full body workout in one hour.  Our instructors work hard to make sure everyone feels comfortable and provide lots of modifications. Regardless of your fitness level, you will get a GREAT workout and have fun. Class includes 5-10 min of cardio, a full body stretch, and strengthening exercises using kettlebells, exercise bands, and other equipment. We would love to have you join us!

Adult Dance Sampler

Have you always wanted to dance? Here is your chance! This beginner level class will explore different dance styles including jazz, lyrical, hip hop and more. Every class will include a good stretch and a strengthening exercise or two. Come experience how fun DANCE is!