Why We Love Our Dress Code

Much like various sports and other activities, dance classes at Mellado Dance Elite require students to follow a dress code. Although it may be tough to keep up with the outfit changes going from activity to activity, it should be a top priority to make sure your child is dance class ready every week. In all of our classes, we ask that students wear nonrestrictive clothing (no jeans) and have hair up and out of the face while any jewelry is left at home. Certain classes require a more specific dress code along with wearing the proper shoes.

You may be wondering why dress code is so important for dance class. Wearing the right uniform for classes at our studio does a few great things for your dancer. First and foremost, it keeps your dancer safe. We ask a lot of our dancers. They may be jumping, rolling on the ground, tumbling, or turning during class and wearing baggy clothes or having hair in the eyes may cause a fall or slip. Wearing the correct clothes and shoes will minimize the possibility of injury.

Following our dress code also allows our teachers at MDE to give important feedback in technique. When a dancer wears baggy clothing to dance class, it can be really hard for teachers to see what is happening with your dancer’s alignment. Are their knees bent in that battement? Are their shoulders creeping up toward their ears during ballet barre? These are the kinds of questions our teachers ask themselves during every class. When your dancer is wearing the proper dress code, our teachers can see the mistakes and give corrections that will improve technique no matter what style of dance.

Finally, our dress code unifies the class and helps them work together as a team. Students in each class get to know each other very quickly by setting, working towards, and accomplishing goals. Wearing the same thing to class encourages students to work together as a team towards those goals. It also helps build trust within the group. Can you imagine members of a sports team all wearing different uniforms? No way! Dance class should carry that same feeling of unity.

We hope you have a newfound appreciation for our dress code at MDE. Although it can be challenging to remember a change of clothes and shoes for class some days, we do really appreciate the extra effort. Just by making sure your dancer has the right outfit, you are ensuring them a safe class, great feedback from their teacher, and encouraging class unity. If you have questions about dress code for an upcoming class, please let us know. We would be happy to guide you through the process. Conveniently, we have many of the dress code items for sale through our online store. mellado-dance.johnnybrown.ca

We can’t wait to see your dancer ready for class this fall!