Importance of Summer Dance

Have you had a chance to check out our exciting line up of summer dance camps? We are SO excited. If your child is still singing “Let it Go”, obsessed with “Trolls”, or wants to be a Lil’ Ninja… we have you covered! We are offering many options for ages 3+. We are huge fans of summer dance at Mellado Dance Elite. Need us to twist your arm? A few reasons why your student should be enrolled in a camp this summer:

  1. Students can continue the momentum of the school year. There is so much excitement leading into competition season and recital. When you take the full summer off, that momentum just stops. It can take a full month or more in the fall for dancers to get back to where they were at the end of the school year. Breaks are healthy- but a 2-month break is a LONG break for a dancer. It is enough time to lose flexibility, muscle, and some of the technique they worked SO hard on throughout the school year. Attending a summer dance camp can make that transition back into fall classes MUCH easier. They will be prepared mentally and physically to pick up right where they left off.
  2. Summer is a great time to try something new. Does your 5-year old boy LOVE to dance at home but you are not sure if he’s ready for a class? Our Lil’ Ninja Camp is the perfect option. Camps are a way to see if your student enjoys the studio and formal dance class setting without the long term commitment. Test the waters on a new dance style or see how your student handles a slightly more intense class setting. Our camps are the perfect way to discover a new passion. Try something new over the summer and you can confidently enroll your child in the fall!
  3. Summer is FUN! For many families, the school year can be very busy. Summer feels a little easier for everyone. Families are balancing less. A little less stress means students are able to be more present and fully enjoy their dance classes. Themes and unique offerings also keep things fresh. Camps are unique to the summer months at Mellado Dance Elite. We try to really tap into what we think our students will enjoy and create exciting curriculums. It is important to us that our summer camps are not only teaching dance technique, but are doing so in a way that is exciting and fun! We want our students to remember their dance camp experience well beyond the summer months.
  4. Opportunity to experience dance in a condensed learning environment. Most dance classes throughout the school year meet once a week. During the summer, our camps provide dancers with several hours of instruction for several days in a row. We are amazed summer after summer at the growth we see in our dancers in just a few days. Is your dancing working on a specific acro skill? Determined to nail her double pirouette? A summer dance camp could be EXACTLY the type of learning environment she needs to get it down. This also applies to our younger dancers. The same 3-year that is tentatively saying “bye” to mom on day one may be sprinting away by day four! It’s rewarding for students, families, and our teachers.

Have we convinced you yet? We are currently accepting enrollment for all of our summer offerings. We highly recommend registering early as our camps tend to fill quickly. We would love to have your student at Mellado Dance Elite this summer. We are looking forward to another GREAT summer of dance!