What to Pack in Your Bag for Recital

It’s our favorite time of year… Recital Time! The 2017 Mellado Dance Elite Year End Recital is June 2nd-4th. There is nothing we love more than seeing our dancers take the stage. A formal theater, lighting, costumes, and exciting choreography showcase how hard our dancers work all year long!

Our year-end performance requires a LOT of planning and coordination from students, parents, and our team at Mellado Dance Elite. The theater is booked years in advance. Costume orders are placed in the fall. Students spend months in classes perfecting their choreography. All in anticipation of one AMAZING weekend. Recital week is a busy, exciting time and with that extra excitement comes the potential for stress. We want our studio families to have the best (and least stressful!) recital week possible. One way to make sure you and your dancer are ready is to start planning NOW!

Today we are going to break down a super simple thing you can do to make your week just a little bit easier. Pack your recital bag! We highly recommend starting this process early. Make a checklist and starting setting things aside. Take inventory of what you need and make those purchases. Trust us- you do NOT want to be running around town looking for a pair of pink ballet tights the morning of dress rehearsal. Having a stocked dance bag is an easy way to help you and your dancer feel prepared for the weekend. Less stress means you are setting your dancer up to have a great performance! Here are the things we recommend you include:

  1. Costumes and Accessories- Make sure all of your dancer’s costumes are labeled with their name and that you have all the appropriate accessories. Store accessories in a ziplock bag (also labeled with your child’s name). Costumes are best stored hanging in a garment bag.
  2. Dance Shoes- Bring all of the shoes you will need for the performance. Double check that everything is labeled. Now is a great time to make sure the shoes your dancer needs for the performance fit.
  3. Dance Tights- Double check the tight styles and colors you will need. Bring what you need PLUS an extra pair of each style. If you dancer doesn’t need them you can always use them for class! Store your tights in a ziplock to avoid snags.
  4. Bandaids- Accidents happen!
  5. Hair Supplies- Include extra hair ties (matching you dancer’s hair color), bobby pins, hair spray, and a brush.
  6. Makeup- Even if you do your dancer’s makeup at home you will still want to bring a few things for touch-ups. At the minimum, bring lipstick and blush.
  7. Sewing Kit- This is especially important if you are a pointe student. Be sure to have a needle and thread and safety pins of various sizes. Avoid a costume malfunction!
  8. Water Bottle- Stay hydrated! Be sure your water bottle is labeled with your dancer’s name.