How to ROCK your Dancer’s Recital

Whether you are a new dance parent or a seasoned expert, recitals can be stressful! While our dancers get to happily show up, dance, and walk off stage feeling AMAZING, you are the one keeping it all together. I mean really, you dance parents out there have so much to worry about! With keeping tabs on costumes, doing hair and makeup, picking up new shoes, ordering tickets, and much more, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed, even two months out. But fear not, we put together our best tips on how to ROCK your student’s recital so you can breath a sigh of relief this year!

  • Read every single recital handout as soon as it is received. Maybe twice. All of our handouts contain extremely valuable information such as schedules, deadlines, costume specifics and much, much more. The more you know, the better you can be prepared.
  • Communicate conflicts as soon as possible. It is a very busy time of year for families. If there are conflicts with all the recital events let us know! We can’t promise we can always make adjustments but we try to be flexible when possible. The sooner we know the better!
  • Check tight and shoe inventory now. If you need extras, make a point to purchase them early. Make sure you have an extra pair (or two) of tights in the appropriate colors set aside JUST for recital. We all know what it feels like to find a hole in your tights just as you are putting them on, it is awful. Avoid that and be prepared.
  • Talk through the day of recital with your dancer before it happens. Make sure you and your dancer are on the same page. Know where you are meeting after the show, who is taking charge of hair and makeup, how they will set up quick changes, etc. Kids do much better when they know what to expect and you will feel better knowing they have everything under control. Set your dancer up for a great day and have a plan.
  • Wear loose, cool, layered clothing if you will be volunteering backstage. We encourage our backstage volunteers to dress the part, which means clothing that you can move in and comfortable shoes. Our changing rooms tend to get warm, layers will ensure that you are prepared and ready for action!
  • Stay positive. Your dancers are SO excited to show you what they have been working on this year! Make sure you are equally excited and they can feel how proud you are. Mistakes and slip-ups can happen during a live performance, stay positive and talk about the things they did well. If you are positive, they will stay positive and that is so much more enjoyable for everyone!
  • Be in the moment and have fun! Enjoy watching your dancers shine on stage. Recital is the reward for all the hard work they have put into classes this year. Your dancers are going to feel so proud as they walk off stage and as their parent you get to share that magical moment with them. Know that without you and your support, this great accomplishment would not be possible. Savor every minute and enjoy the show!

We hope these little tips will make your recital week go off without a hitch so you can have some time to take it all in. We cannot wait to see all the hard work your dancers (and you!) have put in this year! The 2017 Mellado Dance Elite Year End Recital will be taking place on June 2nd – 4th. Make sure to mark your calendars now. Check here and at the studio for more information on all of our recital and end of year events.