How To Know Your Child Is Ready For Dance

Can you believe it is already May?! This year is just flying by for us here at Mellado Dance Elite. We are busy gearing up for recital, summer camps, and soon enough, our fall session! For those of you with young children, you may be thinking about signing them up for a summer camp or dance class this coming fall. Your next thought may be, but is my child ready for dance class? Trust us, we are just excited as you to have them for their very first dance class but knowing when they are ready can be tough! To make that choice just a little easier, we thought we would give you a few simple ways to tell if your child is ready for all the FUN that dance can bring!

  • Your child is 3 years old or older. We have several exciting Summer Camp offerings starting at age 3. Some of our favorites are our Princess and Dragon’s Adventure Camp and Trolls Crazy Dance Party. During the school year, we offer weekly ballet, jazz, hip hop, musical theatre, and tap classes starting at age 3. Read more about our classes here.
  • Your child shows an interest in music and movement.

Do you find your child dancing during their favorite song? Do they love making music using instruments or singing? Dance class is a perfect fit for kids who just can’t stop moving and grooving!

  • Your child can follow easy, 1 or 2 step directions.

Our youngest dancers need to be able to follow simple instructions from their teacher. During class, we may ask the dancers to sit still for a moment, make a circle with their dance friends, and do what the teacher is doing. We don’t expect our students to be perfect but if your child is ready, they should be able to follow these simple directions most of the time.

  • Your child is ready to take class independently.

Our most beginner classes take place without a parent in the room. Make sure your child is up for that and will not get upset after the first couple weeks without you there.

We do NOT expect our dancers to be perfect. We know that kids are kids and sometimes they get out of sorts. Use these parameters as a general guide and not a firm rule. We encourage you to take advantage of our trial class option. It can be a great way to test the waters if you are a bit unsure if your child is ready.
We are so excited to have your child with us and hope this guide makes you feel a bit more confident that they are ready. For more information or to register your child for classes, visit our getting started page we can’t wait to hear from you!