Preparing for Auditions: The Attitude

Let’s talk about auditions! Every spring we audition dancers for our Company & Performance Team Programs. This year, we are holding auditions on Sunday, May 28th for both our Company Program’s and our Performance Team Teams. Auditions are by invitation only, but if there is a dancer from MDE or outside of MDE that would like to be considered we are more than happy to consider them! The best way to let us know your dancer is interested is by filling out the form here.

Our Company Program provides an excellent base for our more serious dance students. Students prepare for competitions in choreography classes and develop their skills in technique classes. Company dancers will also participate in a exam ballet class(es) and will work towards a Cecchetti exam at the end of the dance year. We are looking for highly-motivated, disciplined, hard-working and committed dancers, who are looking to inspire and be inspired!

Our Performance Team is for dancers who are wanting to make the transition from recreational dance classes to a more committed and competitive dance program. The Performance Team program is similar to a Company program in terms of level of commitment ; however it differs in intensity level. The Performance Team will train for fewer hours per week, and will not necessarily participate in ballet examinations. Performance Team dancers will be required to take specific classes that will be designated for members only, as we would like to get these committed dancers working consistently together – thus the word TEAM!

Our goal with both programs, is to create opportunities for ALL dancers to perform, improve, and grow both technically and artistically. We would hate for a fear of auditioning to hold a dancer back from being a part of either of these exciting programs. We understand that auditioning can be a little intimidating, but it is part of the process!

Whether it is at Mellado Dance Elite, or elsewhere, if your child continues dancing into high school it is VERY likely that at some point they will have to come face to face with an audition. School musicals, high school dance teams, college programs, scholarship opportunities… all involve an audition!

The good news about auditions is that they get MUCH easier with time and practice. We want our dancers to arrive on audition day feeling confident and ready to do their personal best. Today, it is all about the attitude! We are giving you four ways you can help your dancer mentally prepare for an upcoming audition:

  1. Do your research. Before the audition date, do some investigating. Visit the website. Know the commitment and expectations involved. Read everything you can get your hands on. Knowledge can be strangely comforting in an audition situation. Knowing exactly what to wear, the names of the people making decisions, and precisely what to expect the day of the audition can allow the dancer to focus on what is REALLY important… their dancing!! ps. Will you be at our audition, May 28th? Start here and then read through our company policies!
  2. See a live performance. Make an effort to see a performance before the audition. Try to get familiar with what that group values. Do they value impeccable technique? Strong performance quality? In preparation for the audition, think about how your dancer can bring those qualities out in their own dancing. Seeing a live show can also be a huge motivator. Your dancer will know exactly why they are working so hard and putting themselves through the audition process. They can start to imagine themselves as part of the group!
  3. Practice. Emotions tend to run high during an audition. At an audition, dancers are often in a new environment, working with new teachers, and learning new material! The more they audition, the better they get at adjusting to a new situation and being able to perform their best under pressure. Is there another audition they can attend before the “big” one? If that isn’t possible, try to brainstorm other ways they can practice getting out of their comfort zone. Ask them to dance for family members. Try a new style of dance that is unfamiliar. Look for workshops or master classes that put them in front of new teachers and with new students.
  4. Prepare for the outcome. No one likes to think about the disappointment that comes with NOT getting the outcome you hoped for, but it important that you remind your dancer that it is a possibility. Auditioning and putting yourself out there takes a great amount of courage. The outcome of an audition isn’t a reflection of who they are as a person. Also, try to brainstorm in advance what will happen if they don’t make the team. Is there an extra class they can take to work on their technique? Could you ask the director for feedback to prepare for the next season? Make sure they know that there are lessons to be learned on BOTH sides and that resiliency is a wonderful characteristic in a dancer.

Are you feeling ready to conquer your next audition? We hopes these tips and strategies will help your dancer to feel calm, confident, and EXCITED the day of the audition. At Mellado Dance Elite, we know that auditioning isn’t easy. Trust us when we say that we want all of our dancers auditioning to do their best and have fun. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our dancers shine when it counts! We hope to see LOTS of enthusiastic dancers on May 28th. Questions about the audition, our Company Program, or our new Performance Team? Let us know! We are happy to provide more information. Good luck to all of our dancers auditioning!