Top Ten Frequently Asked Recital Questions: Part 1

Top Ten Frequently Asked Recital Questions: Part 1

We are getting SO excited for our Year-End Recital weekend June 1st-3rd. At Mellado Dance Elite, recital is our favorite excuse to celebrate our students and all they have accomplished throughout the school year.

We understand that recital time can be a busy time for our studio families. It can be a lot! Especially if this is your dancer’s first recital.

In this two-part blog series, we are breaking down the most frequently asked recital questions. We want our families and dancers to feel confident heading into performance week. When you are prepared, you will enjoy the experience even more! We recommended reading through this list with your dancer and making sure you are both on the same page. Going through the details together will mean less stress for you both.

We can’t wait to see everyone on stage!

I have questions. Who can I ask?

Your first step to is to make sure you have read through your recital packet and read the recent recital posts on our blog . If you need additional clarification or still have questions, call the studio at 604-942-1070 or email [email protected] . We are HAPPY to help and want to make sure all our studio families feel confident heading into recital week.

What are the required events? Why is dress rehearsal required?

The following dates are important and required for families participating in rectital:

  • May 12-13 – Tickets go on sale at The Act Theatre
  • May 12 Shows #2, #4 May 13 Shows #1, #3
  • June 1 – Dress Rehearsal at The Act Theatre (Schedule has now been released)
  • June 2-3 – Recital at The Act Theatre
  • June 13-17 – Pictures at the MDE studio

Your family is responsible for knowing what times they are required to be at events and which shows they are performing in. Please contact the studio if you have questions. Your dancer is a part of a class and their classmates are depending on them! This is an opportunity to teach your dancer about teamwork. We know that this is a busy time of year, but we also know how GOOD it feels to work together towards a common goal.

Dress rehearsal is the only opportunity the dancers have to get on stage before the performance. Performing in class is different than dancing on a stage. Dress rehearsal gives our dancers an opportunity to get comfortable on stage so they can do their personal best at the performance. Dress rehearsal is also the only time our tech staff can see the dances and program the lights. Lighting is a huge part of the end result!

Any students that do not attend dress rehearsal will not be welcome to perform at Recital. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Does my daughter need a costume rack?

Maybe:) If your dancer is in multiple classes, a costume rack can be very helpful in keeping things organized backstage and during quick changes. It is not required, but it can be a smart investment! We DO recommend that ALL dancers use a garment bag to transport their costumes. Garment bags can be purchased through our Johnny Brown online store. Be sure to write your dancer’s name on the outside of your bag.

Where can I get dance wear?

Tights and shoes can all be purchased through our online store . Items will be shipped in 5-7 business days directly to your home. We highly recommend that you have a couple pairs of fresh tights ready for the performance. Put these tights in a special place and do not wear them until performance week. It is also a good idea to double check all of your dancer’s shoes. Dancers LOVE to grow in the last few weeks of the school year.

How can I organize my child’s costumes?

The first step is to put your child’s name on EVERYTHING including costumes, shoes, tights, and accessories. Keep your child’s accessories in clear bags labeled with their name. Find a box to store any hats. Be sure both the box and hat are labeled. Use a garment bag to transport your costumes to and from the performance and a large dance bag to transport their accessories, dance shows, and personal items. Students in multiple dances will want to organize their costumes, accessories, and tights in show order. Encourage your dancer to properly put away their accessories and hang up their costumes at the end of the performance. A small laundry basket can be handy for corralling your dancer’s items during the show if they are in several dances and have quick changes.

Feeling more confident? We hope so! If there is something you are still missing or need clarification on, ask! We are happy to help. Be sure to continue reading Part 2 of our blog series. We are diving into what else should be in your recital bag, class moms, and more!

We are about a month out from the biggest Mellado Dance Elite performance of the year. We are SO happy to have your family at our studio and can’t wait to see your dancer on stage!