Top Ten Frequently Asked Recital Questions: Part 2

Top Ten Frequently Asked Recital Questions: Part 2

We hope you enjoyed reading Part 1 of our series and are ready to dive into MORE frequently asked recital questions. We know that our Year-End Performance requires a LOT of coordination from parents, students, our Mellado Dance Elite staff, and volunteers. Our goal is to make the process as stress free and enjoyable as possible.

Recital is the highlight of our year here at Mellado Dance Elite. Your dancer is making memories that they will remember forever! Take a few moments to read through these questions and talk through them with your dancer. Plan and schedule time for final preparations and to check off items on your recital “to-do” list.

The countdown is on! We are about a month away from our Year-End Performance and we cannot wait to see our classes shine on stage!

What does my child need to bring in her bag for recital week?

Your dancer will need their dance shoes (check with your child’s teacher to make sure they are the right ones), their required tights, and any accessories that came with their costumes. It is also a great idea to stock their bag with the following items:

  • Baby wipes/ shout wipes (to fix makeup mistakes or wash hands)
  • Baby power (a great fix for itchy costumes!)
  • Safety pins
  • Clear nail polish (great for stopping a run in tights)
  • Band-AIds
  • Water
  • Pain reliever of choice
  • Kleenex
  • Extra hair supplies (hairspray, bobby pins, hair ties, hair nets, brush)
  • Extra makeup (lipstick is always handy to have on hand)

What is included in my media fee?

We have partnered with some outstanding vendors to make remembering the performance easy for our studio families. You will receive photos and videos you will treasure forever! Watching the DVD and looking through performance photos is a highlight for all of our students.

CakeWalk Media will be photographing your dancer’s special day as they perform their hearts out on stage. All the photos of your dancer will be available to you after the performance. This was included as part of the Media Fee you paid in September.

Also included in your media fee, is a recital DVD of all four performances and a digital link provided by TechnoMonkey Media. Both the DVD and the beautiful photos help to make sure the fun continues well past the performance!

How do we get tickets?

Tickets go on sale Saturday, May 12 and Sunday, May 13 and cost $23.00 for Adults or $21.00 for Children/Seniors. Tickets are only available through the The Act Theatre and are not available at the studio. Assigned tickets are sold first come/ first serve. We highly recommend purchasing your tickets early. Details for The Act Theatre can be found below:

The Act Theatre Website – The Act Theatre Phone Number – 604-476-2787

The Act Theatre Address – 11944 Haney Place, Maple Ridge, BC V2X 6G1

What is required of class moms?

We greatly appreciate ALL of our studio families that volunteer recital week. Class moms play a special role backstage because they help make sure our dances are safe and prepared to take the stage! As a class mom you will help keep children entertained and also help them get ready. This includes making sure they are in the correct costume and backstage at the proper time. A fun peak into everything that happens backstage. Please contact the studio if you are interested in volunteering.

How can I help my dancer prepare?

Leading up to the performance we will be spending class time performing for other classes and running our recital dances in small groups. This really helps our dances get comfortable performing in front of a crowd! There are several things you can do at home to help your dancer prepare:

  • Read through the recital blog posts and packet together. Make sure your dancer has a clear sense of what will happen and lets you know what items they need leading up to the performance.
  • Listen to your child’s recital music and encourage them to practice. Talk to your child’s teacher if you still need a copy.
  • Use imagery. Before your dancer goes to bed, encourage them to imagine themselves going through the choreography and doing it perfectly! This “mental” practice can have a huge impact!
  • Gather the items they will need for the performance early. Avoid the last minute panic!
  • Encourage your dancer to spend a few minutes before class reviewing their choreography with their classmates.
  • Videotape your dancer at home and have them watch the replay. Let them tell you what they can work on improving!

Recital weekend is going to be here before we know it. Get your flower orders in and make sure your dancer has everything they need, and get excited! If you have questions, please remember we are happy to help. We cannot wait to share recital weekend with our studio families and celebrate our dancers.

The Mellado Dance Elite team greatly appreciates all our families do to help our dancers prepare and dance their best recital weekend. Let’s’ make this the BEST Year-End Performance yet!