Why We LOVE Dance at Mellado Dance Elite

Love is on our mind this month at Mellado Dance Elite! In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we are sharing our top three reasons why we LOVE dance at Mellado Dance Elite.

Dance is at the center of everything we do here at the studio. Dance brings all of our studio families together, it gives us an outlet for our creativity, and most importantly, dance is fun! Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to ask your dancer why they love to dance.

Taking a moment to reflect can be a great way for dancers to stay motivated as they head into competition and recital season. Dance is not always easy! Remembering why we love what we do makes getting through the hard parts much easier. Those difficult classes and rehearsals are 100% worth it!

Here are our top three reasons why we LOVE dance at Mellado Dance Elite:

  1. Our dance students create lasting, meaningful friendships. Whether your child is at the studio one hour a week, or many hours as a company member, we encourage our dancers and their families to think of themselves as a park of our studio family. We try to cultivate a team atmosphere. The bonds that are created within our studio walls are inspiring!
  2. Dance gives our dancers an opportunity to express themselves. When a student walks into one of our dance classes they can immerse themselves in the movement and music. They can take on a character or recreate a new emotion. They can take on topics and feelings that they might not be ready to share or discuss. Having a creative outlet is such a gift! One of our missions at Mellado Dance Elite is to provide a warm friendly atmosphere in our studio. We strive to create the type of environment where our dancers feel comfortable being themselves and confident taking chances.
  3. Dance is FUN! Everyday life can be stressful. Dance and movement are fun! Need more convincing? Take a peek into one of our preschool dance classes. Pure joy is dancing with a scarf to the Trolls soundtrack. Our classes at Mellado Dance Elite tap into this joy even as our dancers advance and the training gets more intense. Leaping is always fun! Performing in our spring recital is an incredible adrenaline rush! Dance gives as a much needed excuse to smile, be goofy, and create fun memories both in the studio and performing.

We have only scratched the surface and would love to keep this conversation going. Ask your dancer why they love to dance and encourage them to share their answer with their classmates and teachers. They may be surprised at all the different answers! We are happy to celebrate dance this month (and every month!) at Mellado Dance Elite. Sharing dance with all of our students and studio families is the best Valentine’s Day gift we could ask for!