The Many Gifts That Dance Gives Us

For all of us here at Mellado Dance Elite, dance is our passion. It has been a constant part of our lives from the moment we started our training. It is no coincidence that dance has stolen the hearts of our teachers and staff. Dance is one amazing activity. In our last post, What We LOVE About Dance, we gushed over our feelings for dance and why we are so in love with it. Today we thought we would share a few of the MANY gifts dance gives us as participants.

  • Dance gives us a healthy body and mind. It builds muscle and expands our cardiovascular health. It is an easy way to get our bodies moving every week because it doesn’t FEEL like a workout. But it is! Dance also encourages self expression and is an outlet for stress. The warm and fuzzy feelings after a great class can last for days!
  • Dance builds confidence. Our dancers (and teachers) are constantly setting and achieving new goals here at MDE. Every time a new goal is accomplished, our confidence blossoms. We start this at a young age with small goals so that by the time our dancers are older, they will be able to take on larger, more challenging ones. Also, dancers are constantly exposed to new things. Between new styles of dance, new steps, or new music, dancers have to adapt quickly. This gives dancers the ability to keep an open mind and have the confidence to try new things and step outside of their comfort zone. The best part of this gift is that the boosted confidence transfers over to daily life outside of dance class easily. Who doesn’t want to feel more confident?!
  • Dance gives us JOY! Like we mentioned earlier, the warm and fuzzy feelings that come from dance are out of this world! This doesn’t have to come from dance class either. Think about the last time you had a dance party. We are 100% positive you had a big smile on your face! Whether you are dancing alone or in a huge group, dance gives us joy and who doesn’t want that?!

One of our favorite things about dance is that there is no age or skill requirement to be a recipient of its gifts. Anyone who enjoys moving is eligible. The more often you do it, the more often you will feel its benefits. Which is exactly why we just never stopped here at MDE hehe!

What is your most cherished dance gift? We would love to know what it means to you right here in the comments. We would also like to challenge you to think about how you can incorporate more dance into YOUR life. Maybe that is trying a new style of dance or not being embarrassed to dance in the car to your favorite song. Whatever your skill level or age, we could all use a little more dance in our lives, so go for it!